Let's Do This.
Let's Do This.


This is the result of my 3rd tutorial on Polygon Runway — a fantastic 3D tutorial series by Roman Klčo. I’m starting to grapple with the wonderful world of render engines so the result here is pretty grainy, but I’m really pleased with it. The Evee render is much clearer, but doesn’t give us that really cool translucent water effect, which we really want to give this composition magic. So i’ll definitely be looking into beefing up my rendering knowledge and the capabilities of my setup in the next few projects. I probably had the most fun during the lighting and rendering phases, but honestly the whole process was really enjoyable and I learned a ton. I’m already firing up my next couple of projects — one in 3D Lettering and another more basic course just to start to solidify some of the muscle memory around creating and manipulating simple meshes. Can’t wait see what comes out of those!

Forest Road

I’ve been wanting to get in Blender for the longest time. I finally found a little time over the holidays to start climbing the steep learning curve and this is one of my first forays into Blender. I’m learning with the help of Polygon Runway — a fantastic 3D tutorial series by Roman Klčo. The series was recommended to me by a coworker and I am absolutely loving it so far. The tutorials are nice and short — usually around 20 minutes or so — and very hands on, so you’re working through building out your scene as you’re watching the tutorial. I’m currently working on another low-poly scene which has been incredibly fun so far. I’ll post an update of that one soon!


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