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Designing a marketplace for building clinical trials
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  • 2019 - 2020
Roles + Responsibilities
  • Workshops
  • Architecture
  • Sketching
  • High-Fidelity Mocks
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Content Design
  • Development Consulting
  • Engineering Handoff

Defining the vision

The reality of building and running clinical trials has traditionally been a cumbersome, inefficient and time-intensive process — much of it due to manual processing steps in organizing the trial. Many of these steps can be automated through an Amazon-like marketplace that connects institutions running clinical trials (like clinics and hospitals) to FDA approved buyers and sellers.

If such a marketplace existed, hospitals would be able to source, cost and deliver FDA approved medical products and services directly to trial participants, all managed through an online portal connected to FDA and other databases. The result would be automated processing of many of the most time-consuming and costly operations in facilitating clinical trials, thereby reducing costs and speeding up timelines.


Scoping the solution

The first step towards an elegant design solution was intimately understanding the clinical trial landscape and all the moving parts. To do this, we conducted a 3-day discovery workshop and worked with the client to scope out a rough framework for the marketplace and understand how it would leverage APIs from various institutions such as the FDA and to streamline the workflow for hospitals and clinics. 

Next, we collaborated with the client to build out and refine a competitor Matrix, user stories, and block diagrams that would form the basis for a scalable architecture.

Designing the marketplace

Next we moved to building out the architecture, sketching rough drafts of primary templates and starting lo-fi design iterations of all the primary components we were looking to integrate into the portal.

Once we felt good about the direction we were heading in, we moved to high-fidelity designs for components, templates and pages for the portal front and back-end experience, as well as some initial content design and copywriting that would later flow into the final prototype.

The final step was building a fully functional prototype that allowed the shareholders to seek further investment and development partners to build out the solution.


The NextBridge Health Exchange is currently in active development after a positive reception by current shareholders and potential investors to the overall concept and prototype. They are looking to soft launch the platform in 2022.

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